We have extensive experience and a proven record in successfully handling a wide range of claims and disputes. We offer our clients, assistance, representation and advice, at all stages of the arbitration process. This process includes pre-contentious negotiations, the conduct of arbitral proceedings, advocacy at trial, and the challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Processes to solve Disputes

  • Adjudicative Dispute resolution: Μeans that a third-party the adjudicator (or tribunal, commission or arbitrator) makes a binding decision for the parties. Adjudicative approaches include arbitration and court adjudication.
  • Arbitration: Differs from courts and quasi-judicial tribunals in a number of respects. Many arbitrations are voluntary and the parties often agree on the selection of the arbitrator and the procedural rules. Rules of evidence and procedure are more relaxed than the rules of court. An arbitrator has limited jurisdiction that is strictly determined by the construction of the relevant arbitration agreement or statute.
  • Non-binding Arbitration: the disputing parties put their case before an impartial third party who renders an opinion or recommendation, which the parties may choose to accept or not. Thus, the process is adjudicative, or determinative but not binding or enforceable.

We can be appointed as an arbitrator in many cases concerning commercial contract claims, banking – debt recovery and insurance dispute, employment and personal injury. We appreciate all the cases are of critical importance to our clients and to their ability to thrive and grow and we win by partnering closely with our clients, becoming experts in their business, and relentlessly pressing to achieve their objectives.

We recognize that effective dispute resolution involves much more than advising on the law. We achieve results by being tactically astute and imaginative in our approach, and we work alongside clients to achieve results quickly and cost-effectively.