We are professionals and highly skilled on handling cases involving debt recovery on behalf of financial institutions, medical institutions, small companies and other individual clients and we possess the experience to provide creditors with proper and efficient legal advice.

It is an inevitable fact that late or non-payment can endanger the survival of any business. Specializing in debt collection we combine professionalism and extensive experience so as to meet our Clients’ requirements and needs with respect to recovering and collecting amounts due to them quickly and effectively.

Debt Recovery Services

  • Pre-action warnings and collections
  • Initiation of litigation proceedings claiming the amounts due
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments for the amounts due
  • Bankruptcy proceedings against debtors
  • Winding-up proceedings against debtors

Our legal services on recovering our Clients’ debts are priced at fixed fees and aim to offer certainty as to their cost, efficient as to their results and become an extension of our Clients’ credit control teams.