Immigration Laws are usually very strict in each country and Cyprus is no exception. More important than that, Immigration Law is governed by International law and relates to the legal status of all persons while outside their own country. Furthermore, each countries requirement for admittance/citizenship may vary from state to state. Local Governments create Regulations which state how long a foreign national is allowed to stay in their country for and exactly what is required to allow foreign nationals to visit/work or become legal citizens of the state.

Our office offers services regarding general immigration and in obtaining various types of permits (working, business or student, tourist, airport transit) for non-European citizens to remain in Cyprus, including:

  • Advice on citizenship
  • Procedure for citizenship
  • Alien/visa/work permit/green card

These permits also allow the family members of the Employee (the children must be under 18 years old) to come to Cyprus as dependents of the applicant. As a full member of the European Union, the Republic of Cyprus permits the Free Movement and Residence of Citizens of the Member States of the European Union and of the Members of their Families Law of 2003 – 2004 (“the Free Movement Law”).

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7 May, 2009

President of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry President of the Employers and Industrialists Federation President of the Association of Building Contractors Cyprus
Granting of an immigration permit to third country citizens who acquire a private home in Cyprus for their own residence

I have instructions to refer to the above mentioned subject and to advise you of the following:

1. The Council of Ministers at the meeting held on the 18.02.2009, was informed of the plan which the Minister of the Interior intends to adopt with regard to the favorable treatment of immigration permit applications to citizens of third countries who acquire a private home for their own residence in Cyprus.
2. This measure is part of the effort which the Government is applying for the confrontation of the international economic crisis and especially for the strengthening of the purchase of immovable property in Cyprus, by means of the increase of incentives for the purchase of a home by citizens of third countries.
3. The Minister of the Interior specifically decided on the favorable treatment of immigration permit application, category F (6) as defined in the Alien Immigration Regulations of 1972 until 2004, for the citizens of third world countries who have acquired by means of purchase a private home for their own use in Cyprus, value not lower than ? 300 000
4. It is mentioned that an immigration permit is equivalent to a permanent residence permit in Cyprus and the holders are exempt from the time consuming immigration procedures which exist for the other categories of third countries citizens who enter Cyprus (e.g. consular visa, renewals of residence permit, re-entry permit, etc.).
5. Category F (6) according to Regulations 5 (F) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations of 1972 until 2004, refers to persons who are citizens of a third country and rightfully hold and have at their disposal a guaranteed annual income of an appropriate sum, which is not derived from employment or self-employment in Cyprus but comes from overseas.
6. By the incentive of favorable treatment of the application for immigration permit Category F (6), it is expected that there will be an increase in demand for the purchase of a private home from third world country citizens, which will have a positive repercussion on the Cyprus economy.

For General Manager
Department of the Interior