We apply our expertise to a wide spectrum of property related deals and provide all necessary legal services for the purchase, sale or rental of properties.

Cyprus is a quiet, beautiful and safe place with an advantageous geographical location making it a trading and financial center. The island has been sought as a base for several offshore businesses for its highly developed infrastructure, its favorable tax legislation and wide network of double tax treaties. For these specific reasons the island attracts more and more individuals and companies interested in real estate and constructions.

We have the technical expertise and practical approach to meet the demands of this modern real estate world and its business requirements. We are dedicated to our clients’ best interests and it is very important to us that the client receives independent legal advice.

We can provide services to both residential and commercial property related matters, including:

  • Agreements for purchase and sale of freehold and leasehold real estate.
  • Agreements for real estate development.
  • Comprehensive service to non-resident purchasers of property in Cyprus.
  • Lease agreements.
  • Complicated legal issues concerning separation of properties and issue of separate Title Deed, etc.

We have a close working relationship with the Land Registries in Cyprus and other relevant governmental authorities and provide services on all related property issues including applications, on stamp duty, taxes and approvals.

We can also recommend a full range of property related professionals such as developers, valuers and managing agents.